Marcos Fernández-Martínez :

Marcos Fernández-Martínez

Dr. Marcos Fernández-Martínez is a researcher at the Ecological and Forestry Applications Research Centre (CREAF) and collaborator of the Global Ecology Unit and the Section of Ecology of the University of Barcelona. He is also a volunteer of the natural history group Delegació de la Serralada Litoral Central, from the Institució Catalana d'Història Natural. His multidisciplinary research is focused on macroecology, global biogeochemical cycles and global change, the role of nutrients, elemental stoichiometry and biodiversity in ecosystem functioning, non-linear dynamics of ecosystem functioning and forest and bryophyte ecology. With the latter, Dr. Fernández-Martínez tries to bring together natural history and cutting-edge research.

Roger Grau Andrés :

Roger Grau Andrés

Roger Grau-Andrés is a researcher at the EDM team supported by the STOIKOS project since June 2023. His research has focused on studying how plant communities, soil biota, and ecosystem functioning respond to global change factors and environmental gradients. During his PhD in Glasgow (UK) he studied the effects of fire on plant communities and greenhouse gas exchange in heathlands. Throughout his postdoctoral work in the US and Sweden he studied how altered precipitation regimes or loss of plant functional groups affect plant and soil biota communities and carbon cycling in wetlands and boreal forests. Within STOIKOS, he investigates how the elemental composition of organisms influence their functional traits, and how elemental diversity drives ecosystem functioning.

Xin Song :

Xin Song

Xin Song is a postdoctoral researcher at the EDM team supported by the ERC-STOIKOS and ETRAITS projects. During her MSc and Ph.D. studies, her research was primarily focused on the community succession and soil properties after legume introduction on abandoned farmland, mainly about soil organic carbon sequestration, plant succession, and phosphorus limitation. Within the STOIKOS project, she will work on how the elemental composition and diversity in agriculture can help crops improve their yields, stability and other desirable services (e.g., soil carbon sequestration). Within ETRAITS, Xin Song will investigate the coordination of organism traits and elementomes, while taking into account the size of their genomes.

Écio Souza Diniz :

Écio Souza Diniz

Écio Souza Diniz is a postdoctoral researcher at the EDM team supported by the ERC-STOIKOS project. His MSc addressed topics on forest dynamics and succession. During his PhD, he devoted research to assessing functional and phylogenetic relationships among plants and their drivers (e.g., environmental constrictions, interactions, stochastic factors). Then, in his previous postdoctoral positions, he reached higher levels of interdisciplinarity by encompassing different and complementary approaches from GIS and remote sensing, statistical modelling and machine learning, field spectroscopy, landscape ecology, and forest management. Within the scope of the STOIKOS project, he will address questions on the optimal dimensionality of plant elemental composition for predicting forest ecosystem functioning, relationships among elemental diversity and phylogenetic relatedness, and predictions of forest element stocks.

Eladio Rodríguez Penedo :

Eladio Rodríguez Penedo

Eladio Rodríguez-Penedo is a PhD student of the EDM research team supervised by Dr. Marcos Fernández-Martínez. Within the framework of the ERC-STOIKOS project, Eladio will work with the concept of elementomes and elemental diversity with the overall objective of providing a better understanding of ecosystem functioning and species interactions by using experiments and observations, both from the field and from remote sensing.

Filipe Manuel Andrade de Matos :

Filipe Manuel Andrade de Matos

Filipe Manuel Andrade de Matos is a PhD student of the EDM research team supervised by Dr. Marcos Fernández-Martínez. Within the framework of the ERC-STOIKOS project, Filipe will work with the concept of elementomes and elemental diversity using advanced statistical and modelling techniques in order to provide generalisable results amongst taxa and different levels of biological organisation.

Alba Martín :

Alba Martín

Alba Martín was a MSc student supervised by Dr. Marcos Fernández-Martínez and Profs. Francesc Sabater and Josep Peñuelas, studying how the isotopic signatures of bryophytes change as a response to environmental pollution. Alba worked as a technician for the ES-BEF project and has now rejoined the team in May 2023 as technician for the ERC-StG STOIKOS project.

Francesc Sabater i Comas :

Francesc Sabater i Comas

Linking aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, nutrient cycling in freswhater and riparian forest ecosystems.

Arnald Marcer Batlle :

Arnald Marcer Batlle

Dr. Marcer-Batlle has been a researcher at CREAF since 1995. His research focuses on the design and development of Information Systems applied to environmental management, especially in protected areas, and on the modelling of biodiversity and the analysis of its protection. He leads and coordinates projects for the development of software tools applied to different areas of environmental management, e.g. natural heritage management, protected areas, biodiversity databases and georeferencing of biological materials.

Roberto Molowny-Horas :

Roberto Molowny-Horas

Roberto Molowny-Horas has worked at CREAF as a research technician since 2003. His research interests include environmental sciences, applied statistics and numerical ecology. He has numerous publications in high-impact journals, focusing mostly on the statistical analysis and modeling of dynamic phenomena in ecology and forestry sciences. Those study subjects include land cover changes in Mediterranean and Boreal landscapes, modeling of forest dynamics, theoretical studies of interaction networks in species communities and the impact of insecticides on bee populations, among others. Roberto has also been a visiting researcher at the Univerité de Montréal (UM, Canada) and currently cooperates with scientists from national (CTFC, UPC) and international (UM, UNIBO in Italy) research institutions.

Guille Peguero :

Guille Peguero

Dr. Peguero is a tenure-track lecturer at the University of Barcelona (UB). His research focuses on the effects of nutrient imbalances at local and regional scales on the composition and phylogenetic structure of soil mesofaunal communities.

Catherine Preece :

Catherine Preece

Dr. Preece is a researcher at Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries. Her research focuses on how to increase carbon sequestration in agricultural soils. She is a specialist in plant-soil interactions, particularly in response to global change, and the characteristics of roots in wild relatives of crops. She is collaborating with the EDM in the framework of the ERC-StG STOIKOS to study the differences in elemental composition of crop wild relatives and modern crops.

Jordi Corbera :

Jordi Corbera

Jordi Corbera is a scientific illustrator and independent naturalist at Institució Catalana d’Història Natural. He is collaborating with the EDM in the framework of the Projecte Fonts, Projecte Quimica Naturalista, Projecte Gat Fer and the project ERC-StG STOIKOS.

Josep Peñuelas Reixach :

Josep Peñuelas Reixach

Prof. Peñuelas is one of the most influential ecologists working today, and is a highly cited scientist in ecology/environment, in plant and animal sciences, agricultural sciences, geosciences and in all science fields of the ISI essential science indicators. His fields of specialization are: global ecology, global change, climate change, pollution, atmosphere-biosphere, Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds emissions, remote sensing, plant ecophysiology, functioning and structure of terrestrial plants and ecosystems, chemical ecology, ecometabolomics, microbial ecology, macroecology, evolutionary ecology, biogeochemistry with special focus on phosphorus, environmental sustainability, food security and global health. At CREAF, he leads the Global Ecology Unit.

Peter Manning :

Peter Manning

Dr. Manning is a Professor of Global Change Ecology at the University of Bergen. His research examines the relationships between land use, biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services, particularly in grasslands and forests. This typically involves a combination of interdisciplinary collaboration with data synthesis and modelling.