Catherine Preece :

Catherine Preece

Dr. Preece is a researcher at Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries. Her research focuses on how to increase carbon sequestration in agricultural soils. She is a specialist in plant-soil interactions, particularly in response to global change, and the characteristics of roots in wild relatives of crops. She is collaborating with the EDM in the framework of the ERC-StG STOIKOS to study the differences in elemental composition of crop wild relatives and modern crops.

Jordi Corbera :

Jordi Corbera

Jordi Corbera is a scientific illustrator and independent naturalist at Institució Catalana d’Història Natural. He is collaborating with the EDM in the framework of the Projecte Fonts, Projecte Quimica Naturalista, Projecte Gat Fer and the project ERC-StG STOIKOS.

Josep Peñuelas Reixach :

Josep Peñuelas Reixach

Prof. Peñuelas is one of the most influential ecologists working today, and is a highly cited scientist in ecology/environment, in plant and animal sciences, agricultural sciences, geosciences and in all science fields of the ISI essential science indicators. His fields of specialization are: global ecology, global change, climate change, pollution, atmosphere-biosphere, Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds emissions, remote sensing, plant ecophysiology, functioning and structure of terrestrial plants and ecosystems, chemical ecology, ecometabolomics, microbial ecology, macroecology, evolutionary ecology, biogeochemistry with special focus on phosphorus, environmental sustainability, food security and global health. At CREAF, he leads the Global Ecology Unit.

Peter Manning :

Peter Manning

Dr. Manning is a Professor of Global Change Ecology at the University of Bergen. His research examines the relationships between land use, biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services, particularly in grasslands and forests. This typically involves a combination of interdisciplinary collaboration with data synthesis and modelling.