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The EDM team is hiring PhD students to work on STOIKOS

The EDM team is seeking up to 3 PhD candidates to join the STOIKOS project. Full-time contracts are offered for 3 years (with a potential extension of one additional year) starting October/November 2023. The annual gross salary will be €17,651 for years 1 and 2, €18,912 for year 3, and €23,641 for year 4. While funding will initially come from STOIKOS, candidates will be required to apply to predoctoral grants such as FI, FPU or LaCaixa.

The PhD positions will develop research lines already defined, but may also incorporate other topics depending on the expertise and interests of the candiate. The research lines are:

  1. Assessing elementome shifts, competition and the role of elemental diversity using bryophytes in experimental microcosms
  2. Establishing the link between organism functioning and elemental composition across and within species
  3. Beyond natural ecosystems: elementomes, elemental diversity and crop performance
  4. Modelling elementomes and elemental diversity effects on ecosystem functioning, niche differentiation and evolution
  5. Investigating the drivers of destabilisation of natural ecosystems

Further details on the research lines, tasks, requirements, and the selection process can be found at

The deadline for applying is 30 September 2023.

For any enquiries, please contact Dr. Fernández-Martínez:

The STOIKOS web page is now live!

The web page for the ERC-funded project ‘Elemental ecology: towards an element-based functional ecology (STOIKOS)’ is now up and running. Here, you can find out about the project’s aims, the research team, and project updates. We look forward to sharing STOIKOS progress and research outcomes.