Monthly Archives: January 2024

STOIKOS kick-off meeting

The STOIKOS team is now complete! To celebrate, today we held our inaugural project meeting.

PI Marcos Fernández started us off by giving an overview of the theory and empirical evidence underpinning STOIKOS, and laying out the project’s objectives and the exciting work ahead. Team members Roger Grau, Xin Song, Écio Diniz, Zhenhong Hu, Alba Martín, Eladio Rodríguez, Filipe Andrade, Arnald Marcer, and Roberto Molowny-Horas talked about about their research background and their role within the STOIKOS project. Collaborators Catherine Preece, Jordi Sardans, Peter Manning, Estela Romero, Josep Peñuelas, Alba Anadon, Guille Peguero, Quico Sabater, Zaki Saati, and Xavier Picó introduced their work and contributed to a lively scientific discussion.